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1 dozen of our backyard farm fresh eggs.

1 Dozen Farm Fresh Eggs

SKU: 671253175371
  • Our eggs are laid happily by: 


    Buff Orpingtons - Large Brown Egg Layers

    Rhode Island Reds - Extra Large Brown Egg Layers

    Ameraucanas - Large Blue Egg Layers

    Araucanas - Large Blue Egg Layers

    Silkies - Small White Egg Layers

    California Whites - Large White Egg Layers

    Silver Laced Wynadottes - Large White Egg Layers

    Frizzles - Medium Cream Egg Layers

    Brahma - Large Brown Egg Layers


    Our girls stay in a very large, clean and well ventilated coop. They're fed vegetables straight from our gardens and high tunnels, as well as oyster shells to strength their shells. They love free ranging around our farm and are loved daily by our Farmers and FarmHers. 

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